Summer, Fishing and Life Jackets

I have had so many people ask me when my next blog would be posted.  Thank you!  We have had so much going on. This past spring started with baseball.  With two boys playing, we spent quite a bit of time at the Little League fields. In between we tried very hard to clean up last year’s leaves, piles of dog doo and broken toys. Many nights were spent having pizza, sandwiches and leftovers. I DID pull out the festive “Christmas” paper plates, though. It seemed to make dinners more fun. And thank God for pre-cooked chicken! Eating together is such a great time to listen to the boys and have them talk about their days. Like Liam, the four year old, explaining that he just cannot eat his potatoes. When I asked him why, he very convincingly explained that he was just like Batman and Batman does not like or eat potatoes. Oh, ok then… I guess if he is going to be a super hero we will need to skip the potatoes.   Zacory, the 6 year old, at the same time was going on about how he had actually caught the baseball! He was pretty impressed with himself. He just kept repeating “did you see me catch it? I actually caught the ball! I think I am ready to play for the Red Sox”. Watch out Pedroia! You’ve got competition. I ask Zacory about his day at school. He tries to get “good day notes”. I asked him if he had gotten a good day note… his reply you ask?  In a somber voice…”No, no good day note today… but the teacher said “NO MORE WEDGIES”… Guess that’s probably why he didn’t get a good day note!  In the meantime, I try to ask Liam how his day went. He has his hand up to his ear, shushes me and proceeds to tell us that he is talking with his invisible girlfriend, Izzy.  When I ask what they are talking about he tells me they are talking about worms and frog eggs. He then asks if we would like to see the video he took of his invisible girlfriend with his invisible phone. It was a great video! Speaking of Girlfriends, TJ the 12 year old just recently “met someone” at the State Fair. Apparently, it was love at first sight. Driving him to the Fair to meet her again, a couple of days after they had met, he informed me that they were really getting along great. They had already been together for 2 days, 10 hours and 36 minutes. Must be love! We do have a lot of love in our home!  We have a lot of music and songs too. Zacory sang us a song just the other night that he explained he knew, although he had never heard it.  He said George Washington sang it.  He learned it in school. Hey, at least he is not just dancing to the music in his head!  Summer time has been full of running around from one activity to another. Zacory is in our local Rec program, having a blast going to the beach, playing in the pool and enjoying the summer with his friends.  Although he recently let me know that he does not really like his life jacket too much. When I asked him why, he said some life jackets just “hurt your balls”. Yes, I’ve ordered a new one!   Liam has been having fun, as well. He attends a preschool, that he loves. However, he was beginning to become obsessed with the X-Box. I have started limiting their time played on video games. I told Liam that he could only play for ten minutes the other day. As I shut the game, he stommped off and said “his life was ruined”. Guess I’m doing my job!

I try to have the Boys play outside as much as possible in the summer days. One of their favorite past times is digging up worms for fishing. My Dad is an avid fisherman. He has taught the men in my family how to catch the perfect trout from the best fishing hole, how to bait the hook and how to clean your catch of the day.   Much to my surprise, in doing laundry the other day, I pulled out a handful of nice, dead, worms from the pockets of Zacory’s jeans… hmm.. I asked Zacory why he put the worms in his pocket.. “oh, I was saving them to go fishing with Grampy Pete!!  We are going to catch a huge trout”!   Of course you are… I put the dead worms in the trash and continued to wash his jeans!   Spiders though, it’s another story… Every man in my family has a fear of spiders. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or large, there is still a lot of screaming when there is a spider around. Fortunately, Grammie Debbie is not too afraid of spiders.

Until my next post, I wish you lots of “good day notes”, music to dance to in your head, few spiders and a life jacket that fits!


One thought on “Summer, Fishing and Life Jackets

  1. Sounds like a great summer! I remember having the same worm experience with Tyler when he was little…my washer was full of them from his jacket pocket, had to rewash that load…must run in the family! 😉 ❤


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