Patience and Potato’s

Patience… Not very much with 4 and 5 year olds.  Not even much with an 11 year old.  In my opinion, it’s very hard to teach Patience.  Each day, it’s I need a drink of juice NOW, I need something to snack on, NOW, I need you to look at my school paper NOW, I want to win my video game NOW!!  Just, today, I was in the bathroom.  I came out to find Zacory peeing off the deck because he could not wait for a couple of minutes.  I explained to him the he was not an animal.  He could wait a couple of minutes.  Liam them, piped in to explain that Zacory really was an animal!  He was a Tiger, Tigers are cats and they pee outside.  Zacory said that’s what Liam had told him he could do… I get it.. LOL… Patience is SO hard to teach.  But, I continue to try!

My Mom had quite a bit of patience.  She took care of four children and five step children.  She and my Dad had us convinced that they knew where we were and what we were doing at all times.  Now that I am older, I know that there is NO way that they could have kept track of nine children!  They might have had some IDEA of where we were.  My grandchildren wonder in amazement how I know things.  How do I know that they fed their dinner to the dog, how do I know that they hid candy in their bed or that they really didn’t finish their homework… It’s funny how they think they can get away with things.  Just the other day I noticed a small hole in the boys’ closet.  Of course, I asked how it happened… nobody knew…. I went to patch it up and Zacory piped up.  “You might want to take the potato out of the wall first”… I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face… “Did you say a potato?!?”   “Yup”, said Zacory, “Liam put a potato in the wall”.   I put a rubber glove on, stuck my hand in the hole and much to my surprise pulled out a Raw potato with a small bite out of it!  I also found candy wrappers, toys and a half eaten container of jello… I called to Liam and asked him about it. With a slightly convincing look on his face, he blamed the cat!  I patched the hole!

It seems we have a ghost in our house too.  When the Cat doesn’t do it, the ghost does!  Our “ghost” has eaten all of the ice cream, made a huge mess in the bedroom, and dumped cereal all over the kitchen floor.  Funny, that same “ghost” has been around since MY boys were little.

Child proofing is something that everyone does.  I HAVE to share with you a recent incident about my brothers’ “childproof” side by side.  We were recently visiting for dinner.  While I was talking with my brother in his garage, Zacory came running to let us know that Liam was sitting in the side by side, supposedly waiting for his ride.  My brother looked at Zacory and said “don’t worry… it’s “kid proof”   Next thing we hear is a loud engine and a bang.  We both run to the “kid proof” side by side, only to see Liam jumping off.  He looked at my brother and said “Uncle TJ, it started all by itself… Oh, the GHOST again… My brother was amazed.. as we looked at the vehicle, almost on his front deck!  He then told me that you need to press the brake, turn the key and shift all at the same time… it’s supposed to be “kid proof”… not for Liam… the mastermind!  I have NO IDEA how he knew what to do.. he just figured it out.  Or perhaps the Ghost explained it to him.  Liam’s punishment… he had to pick up all the little white rocks that were misplaced on the front lawn and put them back in the walkway.  To our surprise… he picked them all up counting each and every rock.  The Ghost helped him.

I will leave you with a piece of information that Zacory explained to me today.  He wore his Sandals to school, with socks.  He explained to me that Sandals were to wear in the sand and the socks were to keep the sand out of your toes.  Good to know, with Summer coming and all…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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