Do You Need To Wear Boxers In Heaven?

Small town Baseball Games are the best. A local community, supporting young men and women, cheering them on to victory. Last night while at a baseball game for TJ, I felt extremely prepared. I had packed sandwiches, snacks, drinks and even let Zacory and Liam bring a couple of toy trucks to play with. While sitting at a picnic table, eating dinner, Liam introduced me to his “invisible girlfriend”, named Izzy. He even shared his ham and cheese sandwich with her! She seemed very nice and very quiet. After dinner, while watching TJ play his game, I let the two youngest boys play in the dirt with their trucks. A little bit later, I could hear whooping and hollering. I heard a parent say “I wonder whose boys those are?”…. Yes… those would be mine. I looked up to find them jumping in a huge culvert puddle. I could hear the sounds of Whoo Hoo and then the splash. They were “swimming” so explained Zacory. They were completely dripping wet, hair, coats, sneakers and all, huge smiles on their faces. Note to self… next time pack extra clothes. I walked the two dripping boys to my car to try to dry them off as best as I could. I looked around and found Liam’s pre-school backpack. I remembered that I had a couple of extra pairs of pants in it. They changed in the car. Zacory then jumped out of the car with pants that looked like Capri’s, a “belly” shirt and bare feet. I could only think of “Huckleberry Finn”. He didn’t mind… he just kept tossing his baseball in the air and catching it in his glove. Finally the game was over and we headed home. On the way home Zacory said that wanted to dig up the dead bird to see if it had turned into a zombie yet. I explained that it was not a zombie and we could not dig it up. He wanted to know if it had gone to Heaven like his Grandfather. He said his Grandfather was in a box. Not sure how he knew that?!   He asked how the boxes get to Heaven.   Liam then said “why do you have to wear boxers in Heaven?”… I said, you don’t have to wear boxers in Heaven… and Zacory, God knows how to get people to Heaven.   Next they went on to being Born… Zacory explained to Liam that when you are born you come out of your Mother’s belly… naked.   Liam explained to Zacory that when he was born, his Mom coughed really hard and he popped out of her mouth!   He said she did not even bite him!   Now THAT would be something to see!   Even TJ chuckled.

At home they decided to play outside. They wanted to check their pollywog eggs that have been “hatching” in a bucket…They were putting on their sneakers when Liam became frustrated because he could not tie his shoe… Zacory looked at him, hands in the air and sarcastically stated “That’s exactly why you wear VELCRO!”

It’s funny to hear them discover the world around them. It’s even funnier to hear them try to explain it!   I hope that you slow down and take time to notice the wonder around you every day!   And if you are in too much of a hurry, no worries….just wear Velcro!


3 thoughts on “Do You Need To Wear Boxers In Heaven?

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun! That’s what childhood is about. The discussions that stem from their life questions are certainly ones to remember. Love how their minds work.

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