Play Ball!

First T-Ball game of the season… very exciting!   Zacory was dressed ready to go in minutes – Helmet, Hat, T-Shirt and Cleats.  Playing the game was a little rough.  Liam felt that he was Zacory’s “Water Boy”… he felt that needed to make sure that Zacory was thoroughly “hydrated” at all times.  Of course, I had to keep letting Liam know that he needed to get off the field and let them play.  Zacory really did not need another drink, nor did he need another brotherly hug.  He had already had about 50!!  Of course, I’m exaggerating at little… but not much!  Zacory had a big play and caught the ball.  He was so excited and surprised!  He kept saying “I caught the ball.. I really caught the ball!  TJ’s first game was Saturday, as well.  He was the pitcher.  He was happy to be pitching, but I think he was more excited that he did not need to wear a cup!

Spring is such a great time of year. Birds chirping..blossoms  blooming… and cleaning up after a LONG… Winter!  Sunday was spent cleaning around the yard.  I cannot believe the amount of dog poop there is.  No to mention the layers of driveway gravel on my lawn from the plow. AND, I REALLY thought I had cleaned up all of last years’ leaves!   I made the boys play outside.  I could hear them playing in their sand pile as I was raking.  They were building a city with their trucks and hard hats on.  I could hear “Hey Bro… want to help me build my house”.    Liam came to watch me rake.  He proceeded to let me know that Zacory was trying to bury a bird in their sand pile.  A BIRD?!?  I went to see what was going on.  Zacory had found a dead bird near the front window.  They had named it “Rose”.  They were trying to give “Rose’ a proper burial.  I explained to them that they could not bury it in their sandbox.  I told them that they should not touch the dead bird.  Their reply “Why not, it doesn’t have any blood on it?”  We, in turn, gave “Rose” a proper burial in the woods.  Zacory prayed that God would let Rose fly again in Heaven.  We found just the right rock to label “Rose” for a headstone.   As we were burying Rose, I noticed Liam eating something.  I asked him what he had… it was an Easter Egg with candy in it that he had found under the deck.  Hmm…. We did not have an Easter Egg hunt outside this year… I had him spit out the year old candy!

Zacory went inside to help me put the yard clippers away.  When he did not return, I checked only to find that he had put on his Iron Man costume from the Halloween bin.  He was now going to be Iron Man.  Liam wanted his Batman costume, but it was nowhere to be found.  I saw a pair of St. Patrick’s day sunglasses.  I grabbed them, a St. Patrick’s day hat and a towel.   It took a little “convincing”, but Liam was now… Leprechaun Boy!!  Out they both went to defend the Universe!    We all need a little help now and then.  Until tomorrow, if you spot Leprechaun Boy or Iron Man, please let them know their dinner is ready!


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