Broken Arms, Pig Slobber and Is Ice Cream Breakfast Food?

So many people have commended me for doing such a good job with my grandchildren.  I have really put forth an effort to make sure they are well behaved, kind and caring boys.  Believe me, it’s not always easy.  Trying to maintain a work schedule, keep track of school events and medical appointments keeps me busy!   Although I try to keep track of it all, sometimes I might overlook an event.  The most recent “brain lapse” that I had was the first day of school.    I looked at the school calendar at least three times to make sure I had it correct.   The boys were to start on a Monday.  Sunday night, I arranged their new school clothes, got them to bed for a good night’s rest and made sure backpacks were all packed and ready to go.  The next morning, we were up at 6:30.  Three lunches packed, waffles for breakfast, teeth brushed and out the door they went to wait for the bus.  After waiting for twenty minutes, TJ, the 12 year old, yelled that he did not think the bus was coming.  I told him that it was the first day and the bus was probably running late due to everyone taking pictures.  I then snapped a few “first day” pictures of my own!  Ten minutes later, he exclaimed that the bus had NEVER been his late.  I told him to just wait because I did NOT want him to miss his bus.  I ran inside and brought up the school calendar on my computer.  After reviewing the calendar for a fourth time, much to my surprise, I noticed that I had   misread the calendar!  Their first day was Friday…. not Monday!   Smiling at my mistake, I called to TJ that he could come on in.  The bus would not be coming today!  Although I thought it was a little comical, he was not impressed!   Hey, guess my mind is not as young as it used to be!

Every morning is such a challenge to make sure the boys eat right before heading out the door to school.  My morning usually starts with trying to wake up TJ.  After about 4 attempts of telling him to get up and dressed, 15 minutes before the bus is due to arrive, he slowly gets up, dressed and eats something very quickly.  Sometimes a bagel just goes in a bag to eat on the bus.  TJ is not a morning person at all.  Liam, the 4 year old, strolls out with his blanket.  Every morning, he asks for a bowl of ice cream and every morning I tell him ice cream is not breakfast food.  There is usually a little meltdown before he finally eats his waffle or cereal.   Zacory is next to roll into the kitchen.  I am usually making lunches and snacks.  Zacory is the artist in the family.  Every morning his first thing to do is grab, in his words, the “repertament markers” and make a picture for the day.   It doesn’t take him too long to draw a Dragon or a T-Rex.   I usually have my assignment for the day to deliver the picture to someone in the family.  Speaking of packing lunches, just last week, while packing the lunches, our “ghost” showed up again.  While packing the mini Oreo’s I found that there were several cookies with no cream…. Hmmm guess the ghost likes the creamy center too!

Getting them ready for school the other day, while watching Zacory draw, Liam proceeded to explain to Zacory that he had a boy in his classroom that had three arms.  He said the boy could draw, eat and drink all at the same time.  I asked him where the third arm was…. He looked at me like I was from Mars and said, duh….on his body!   Oh, I guess I should have figured that out!  Sometime’s I wish I had three arms! Zacory’s arm has most recently been in a cast.  He feel off the monkey bars at school.  As he explained to the doctor, he and a friend were playing Ninja Turtles, he was Leo and his friend was Raff, he lost his grip and fell.  That’s when he heard a crack and knew that he had broken his arm.  He then reviewed his x-ray with the doctor, pointing out where he could see the break.   He asked the doctor if he was going to need the bone replaced.  With a smile, the doctor explained that he could probably fix the bone that was already in his arm.   Once the “camo” cast was on, the doctor explained to Zacory that he needed to keep both feet on the ground, for six weeks.  Zacory tried to negotiate using a “slide at school that was really, really, low”.  The doctor said no.

It is very insightful listening to them while driving.  In the past week I’ve discovered that the newest saying apparently is “you are kind of like pig slobber!”  No, it is not a swear, just not a nice word!  Also, if you tell someone they are a looser with a capital “L”, that is kind of mean, if you are accused of “tooting” you know when it’s the dog not you because you can feel in in your butt…. and while talking about Liam’s upcoming birthday, speaking of their ages, when they were born they were apparently zero’s.

Until my next post, I hope every day you get to use your “repertament markers”, you have lots of creamy filling in your Oreo’s and please know you are definitely NOT “pig slobber” or a zero!  And go ahead, eat Ice Cream for Breakfast!


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