Big Foot, Accidents and Spring Puddles

I still have yet to discover what the fascination is with mud puddles!  Just this morning, Zacory was waiting for the bus, While I went to tie the dog to her house.  I turned to find Liam, the 4 year old, once again jumping in the puddle.  Zacory, standing at the end of the driveway turned to me with a somber look on his face. I could hear the loud engine rumble of his bus coming down the street.  I looked at Zacory and asked him if he was ok and what was wrong?  He pointed to small wet spots on his red sweat pants.  I asked him if he had been splashed by Liam.  He said, “No, I really had to go pee, so I went in the mud puddle.  I dripped a little on my pants.”  Looking up and seeing the big yellow bus, then looking at the small wet drops, I told him he was going to be fine.  The drops would dry by the time he got to school!  I told him to have a great day, be kind and stay focused. I helped him board the bus, with my 3 kisses and 2 hugs.  I waved and blew a kiss as he waved once more from his bus window. What more could I have done? I turned Liam who was jumping in the puddle.  Yes, the same one Zacory had decided to pee in!  I shook my head, walked Liam into the house and quickly changed him before leaving for his school. While changing him, he told me he loved me because I had washed all of his laundry. He said he was going to have a great day at school.  I could only hope!  We were already running a little late.  Earlier in the morning, I had stopped to clean up the huge pile of cat food that Liam had decided to feed the cat for breakfast. He was only helping out!  I had assured the oldest, TJ, as he was running to catch his bus, that I would help him finish his science project, that he had just informed me was due in three days.  I had broken up an argument between the two youngest. Apparently, while eating their French Toast Sticks, Liam “accidently” hit Zacory and Zacory “accidently” fell on top of Liam, almost biting him. Funny, how these “accidents” happen. Driving to school, I listened to to Liam explaining to me, how the trees on a cleared lot were pushed down because of Big Foot. He had seen it on the news!  I asked him where Big Foot was now.  He looked at me like I was from Mars and said “He had to go to work at Walmart!”  From the mouths of babes!  Until tomorrow, make every moment an adventure!


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