Vacation’s Over at Grammy Debbie’s House!

While I am new to blogging, I am very excited to share the journey that I am on, raising my grandchildren.  While every day is a blessing and adventure, it is also a challenge. I am a 53 year young, widowed, grandmother who has been raising three of my grandsons.  Age’s you ask?  They are 4, 5 and 11.  The 4 year old and 5 year old are brothers.  The 11 year old is a cousin to them.  Needless to say, my house is disruptive, exciting, chaotic, but very loving. I can honesty say that every day is eventful.  Just this morning, we were up at 6, coffee on, dog and cat fed, lunches packed, snacks and homework put in backpacks, boots and jackets on, breakfast eaten and hugs and kisses goodbye.  The 11 year old, TJ, is NOT a morning person. After 5 times telling him to get up, 10 minutes before the bus was to arrive, he finally decided to get dressed, choke down a toast and finish getting ready for school.  10 minutes later, with a hug, kiss and I love you Grammy Debbie, he grabbed his backpack and was out the door. The 5 year old was next,  Zacory loves to play video games.  He has become very good at eating a toast and banana while playing his video game.  I know, he should not be eating while playing the game, but I have to “pick my battles”.  While he is eating his breakfast, I am trying to get the 4 year old who has destructive, defiant disorder, to get dressed.  He is truly a stubborn 4 year old.  Today was his first day in his new pre-school, having been “dismissed” from his previous one.  I felt accomplished this morning, he was dressed in no time!  He was eating his breakfast, while I decided to get myself ready for work.  I am a fulltime Paralegal with a well known title company.  I have my shower and dressing down to about 15 minutes.  I checked to make sure the boys were doing ok, only to discover the 4 year old was completely undressed.  Apparently, he didn’t like the clothes he was wearing.  He wanted to wear his pajamas.  I explained to him that this was his first day in his new school and he should dress nicely.  We somehow agreed on an outfit and he was dressed for a second time.  By now it was time to wait for Zacory’s bus.  I have it down to a science, watching out the bathroom window while blow drying my hair! Throwing on my dress shoes and jacket, out I go to wait for the bus.  Finally, with the bus arriving, Zacory takes his 3 hugs, 2 kisses and boards the bus.  Waiving and blowing kisses from the window, he is off to school.  I turn to Liam, the 4 year old, only to see him splashing through the puddles.  He is upset because he has gotten his boots muddy trying to tie the dog to her chain. In the house we go to change the boots.  He finally, grabs his backpack, small stuffed toy and we head to the car.  While driving to his new school, he decides that he is “sick” and does not want to go. I explain that he needs to go because Grammy Debbie needs to work today.  He says he doesn’t care, he is NOT going to school.  We arrive at his school and he clings to the door.  I am amazed at how strong he is!  After a couple of minutes of tugging and pulling, I manage to carry him screaming to his new school.  Inside we sit and I try to console him.  I try to tell him how much fun he is going to have. How many friends his is going to meet. He puts his head down and screams.  Finally, a teacher has to pull him from me and carry him off. I leave feeling terrible.  I sit in my car, take a deep breath and start my work day.  I’m relieved a little later when I call and find that Liam is doing fine.  The mornings are busy and rushed, even if I try to get things ready the night before. But, when I get my “I love you, Grammy Debbie” and my 3 hugs and 2 kisses and waves goodbye, it really makes it all worthwhile. Until tomorrow… be patient, be kind and smile.


2 thoughts on “Vacation’s Over at Grammy Debbie’s House!

  1. This is so GREAT! You said you should someday write a book of your life…well this would be a great way to start! 😉 You should keep doing this!!! It is wonderful! Love you Sis! Oh, and my boys always loved going to Auntie Debbie’s house too when they were little…she was always considered the “fun aunt that throws you parties for no reason with your own cake and everything!!!” Hahaha…remember those days…;-) ❤

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