Play Ball!

First T-Ball game of the season… very exciting!   Zacory was dressed ready to go in minutes – Helmet, Hat, T-Shirt and Cleats.  Playing the game was a little rough.  Liam felt that he was Zacory’s “Water Boy”… he felt that needed to make sure that Zacory was thoroughly “hydrated” at all times.  Of course, I had to keep letting Liam know that he needed to get off the field and let them play.  Zacory really did not need another drink, nor did he need another brotherly hug.  He had already had about 50!!  Of course, I’m exaggerating at little… but not much!  Zacory had a big play and caught the ball.  He was so excited and surprised!  He kept saying “I caught the ball.. I really caught the ball!  TJ’s first game was Saturday, as well.  He was the pitcher.  He was happy to be pitching, but I think he was more excited that he did not need to wear a cup!

Spring is such a great time of year. Birds chirping..blossoms  blooming… and cleaning up after a LONG… Winter!  Sunday was spent cleaning around the yard.  I cannot believe the amount of dog poop there is.  No to mention the layers of driveway gravel on my lawn from the plow. AND, I REALLY thought I had cleaned up all of last years’ leaves!   I made the boys play outside.  I could hear them playing in their sand pile as I was raking.  They were building a city with their trucks and hard hats on.  I could hear “Hey Bro… want to help me build my house”.    Liam came to watch me rake.  He proceeded to let me know that Zacory was trying to bury a bird in their sand pile.  A BIRD?!?  I went to see what was going on.  Zacory had found a dead bird near the front window.  They had named it “Rose”.  They were trying to give “Rose’ a proper burial.  I explained to them that they could not bury it in their sandbox.  I told them that they should not touch the dead bird.  Their reply “Why not, it doesn’t have any blood on it?”  We, in turn, gave “Rose” a proper burial in the woods.  Zacory prayed that God would let Rose fly again in Heaven.  We found just the right rock to label “Rose” for a headstone.   As we were burying Rose, I noticed Liam eating something.  I asked him what he had… it was an Easter Egg with candy in it that he had found under the deck.  Hmm…. We did not have an Easter Egg hunt outside this year… I had him spit out the year old candy!

Zacory went inside to help me put the yard clippers away.  When he did not return, I checked only to find that he had put on his Iron Man costume from the Halloween bin.  He was now going to be Iron Man.  Liam wanted his Batman costume, but it was nowhere to be found.  I saw a pair of St. Patrick’s day sunglasses.  I grabbed them, a St. Patrick’s day hat and a towel.   It took a little “convincing”, but Liam was now… Leprechaun Boy!!  Out they both went to defend the Universe!    We all need a little help now and then.  Until tomorrow, if you spot Leprechaun Boy or Iron Man, please let them know their dinner is ready!

Keep on Dreaming

It’s amazing how much you forget.  You raise your children, then, once they are on their own, you get used to coming and going whenever you want.  You only have yourself to take care of.  You somehow forget how many times in an hour you hear he is touching me or he took my toy.  You forget the bickering, the wants and the needs.  But, it’s really like riding a bike, so they say.  It all comes back when you need it.  Last night, upon picking up Zacory at his after school program, he came to me with tears in his eyes.  He was upset that he would not be able to do his homework because someone had mistakenly taken his backpack.  We were already running late for baseball practice.  I explained that we would get it back tomorrow, hoping that we really would. That’s when he told me that he had dribbled on his underwear at school.  He was not wearing any because he had put his “slightly wet” underwear in his bag.  I can only imagine the look on the face of the parent that had collected the wrong bag!  We drive to the baseball field, which is not too far from the after school program.  We had been there for about ten minutes, just long enough to meet the coach, when Zacory whispers to me that he really needs to go pee!  I tell him that he can go in the trees, but he “does not want anyone seeing that he has no underwear on”. Back in the car we go, drive to the school and head to the bathroom.  We all go… just in case!

Back to the baseball field to hit from the tee, try to catch the ball and learn how to run the bases. However, upon return to the field, Zacory sees that someone is using HIS baseball helmet.  He looks at the boy then looks at me.  I give him “the eye” to let it be.  He picks up another helmet, all the while keeping an eagle eye on his.  The minute the boy makes it to home plate, Zacory runs, picks up HIS helmet and puts it on his head.  He is NOT going to loose it again!  The practice is only for about one hour.  It’s surprising how difficult it can be to entertain a 4 year old for an hour.  Liam, while watching Zacory, starts yelling “Zacory has stinky feet!”  I tell him to stop, but he is determined to let everyone know about his brothers feet.  I lead him to the car for the next few minutes. He loudly makes it known that he does not want to go to the car with me.  I watch Zacory from the car, all the while listening to Liam talk about how he can whistle now, how much he loves hot dogs and how he lost a toy boat down the bathroom drain.  I must remember to check the drain…  He also told me that he wanted his own “Checain” for the car. Finally, practice is done. We collect the new baseball shirt, new hat and are finally on our way home.  Zacory, upon getting in the car, strips down and puts on his new shirt.  Very proudly he displays “The Dodgers”.  Thankfully, it is not too far until we get home. I enter the house, only to have TJ hand me his “grocery list” that he has so kindly made me.  On it I see “Oreo’s”, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Fish Sticks and Tartar Sauce.  In big letters is the word “Gummies”. I told him I would see what I could do.  TJ tells me that he has also been making a list of car parts for the car is going to be driving when he turns 16, a Mach One.  Liam then runs into the house and screams that we have all kinds of crickets outside on our lawn.  They are marching into the woods and while he tried, he can’t catch them!  I am still in the process of TRYING to get dinner ready.  Zacory bolts in and informs me that he is going to wear his new shirt and hat to school.  He wants to wear his cleats too.  I tell him that he cannot wear the cleats to school because they will make marks on the school floor. He, in turn, tells me “he will walk really, really slow”.  Suddenly Liam charges down the hallway, into the kitchen, sliding across the floor in the new slippers that his Great Grammie “Rainy” has made. He tells me how fast they make him run.  Zacory then starts running in his “super charged” cleats!  I am only trying to make hot dogs, but somehow it is taking quite a long time!  Finally, dinner is ready.  While eating Zacory informs us all that when he grows up he is going to buy a Ford Mustang for five dollars!  He is going to be an army man and sing a song called “I Love Girls That Rock”.  Liam is going to be a Monster Truck driver and have a Four Wheeler.  He is going to have a loud radio in his truck. TJ is going to be a Red Sox player.  Where would we be without our dreams?  I’m still trying to decide what I want to be!  On another note, I noticed today that my dash in my car read “6a5cap”. Thinking that is was a code for something really wrong with my car, I ask someone what it meant.  They tell me my “Gascap” is not on tight.  Hey, I never said I wanted to be a mechanic when I grow up!  Until tomorrow, I hope all of your dreams are becoming reality!

Is Buttface a Swear?

Wednesday…the hardest day of the week- TRASH DAY! Not only do we need to get lunches, pack snacks, make breakfast and feed animals, we also need to get buckets and buckets of trash to the road!  On top of everything else, I need to be at a Wednesday meeting by 8:45. So, Wednesday mornings are quick breakfast day. Today… Toaster Strudels.  TJ awakes, mostly because he smells the toaster strudels, his favorite. As he is getting ready for school, he tells me he needs a “special lunch” because he has a field trip today.  Really?!  I manage to dig through the refrigerator to find something to put in his lunch pack that he will actually eat.  He will be eating frozen bite sized pizza, a pudding pack and snack crackers.  Zacory awakes and assumes the usual position of playing a quick video game. He REALLY needs to check his dragons or build another strucure in some crafting game; all while eating his Toaster Strudel.  Liam, the 4 year old, finally awakes.  He actually slept in a little today!  I was even able to get dressed early!  He takes his toaster strudel in to watch Zacory play his game.  Liam then realizes that he needs to use the bathroom. Upon returning to the Livingroom, I hear the scream of “You stole my Toaster Strudel!”  Zacory clearly looks upset, painstakingly telling me that it was not him that took Liam’s breakfast.  Thinking that he is fibbing… I try to get him to tell me the truth.  I then notice the dog, licking her chops…hmmm.. now I know who really took it.  I make Liam another Toaster Strudel. TJ’s bus is almost here. Liam, noticing that I have on a dress and nylons, tells me that he likes my legs.  He has decided not to wear what I gave him for clothes.  He wants to wear nylons too.  Thus begins the big debate between TJ and Liam that “boys do not wear nylons!”  By this time Zacory is getting dressed.  He has decided that, because he has baseball tonight, he is going to wear gym shorts over his pants.  Oh, and he really doesn’t like the shirt I handed him. He picks another shirt and wears his gym shorts over his pants.  Again..pick your battles.  As he is getting dressed, he asks “why do girls wear bras?”… Hmmm. I think for a minute…. how do I explain this to an almost six year old… I end up just looking at him and saying “to make sure their boobies don’t bounce around”.  He chuckled… but excepted that explanation.  I turn to Liam who is jumping around the livingroom, not getting dressed.  I ask him what he is doing “I’m dancing to the music in my head!”.  I tell him “that’s nice, but please get dressed”.  I leave them to brush my teeth and get the rest of the trash to the road.  It had not been five minutes when I hear.. “Grammy Debbie!!!  Is buttface a swear?!?”  Liam just called me a buttface!!!  Liam then explains that it is NOT a swear… only a potty word! I remind them that it is still not a nice word.  It’s time to wait for Zacory’s bus.  Liam decides that he is going to chain the dog for me. Very helpful!  He comes back to the end of the driveway and lets me know that he did not even get dog poop on his shoes.  Wonderful!  Zacory boards his bus and is off with the kisses, hugs and the final wave from the window.  I think I might even make it to my meeting on time!  Driving to pre-school today, Liam informs me that cemetary’s are where God has “planted” dead people.  Good to know!  I hope you make the most of every day!  And, please don’t call anyone a “buttface”!  Be nice!

Big Foot, Accidents and Spring Puddles

I still have yet to discover what the fascination is with mud puddles!  Just this morning, Zacory was waiting for the bus, While I went to tie the dog to her house.  I turned to find Liam, the 4 year old, once again jumping in the puddle.  Zacory, standing at the end of the driveway turned to me with a somber look on his face. I could hear the loud engine rumble of his bus coming down the street.  I looked at Zacory and asked him if he was ok and what was wrong?  He pointed to small wet spots on his red sweat pants.  I asked him if he had been splashed by Liam.  He said, “No, I really had to go pee, so I went in the mud puddle.  I dripped a little on my pants.”  Looking up and seeing the big yellow bus, then looking at the small wet drops, I told him he was going to be fine.  The drops would dry by the time he got to school!  I told him to have a great day, be kind and stay focused. I helped him board the bus, with my 3 kisses and 2 hugs.  I waved and blew a kiss as he waved once more from his bus window. What more could I have done? I turned Liam who was jumping in the puddle.  Yes, the same one Zacory had decided to pee in!  I shook my head, walked Liam into the house and quickly changed him before leaving for his school. While changing him, he told me he loved me because I had washed all of his laundry. He said he was going to have a great day at school.  I could only hope!  We were already running a little late.  Earlier in the morning, I had stopped to clean up the huge pile of cat food that Liam had decided to feed the cat for breakfast. He was only helping out!  I had assured the oldest, TJ, as he was running to catch his bus, that I would help him finish his science project, that he had just informed me was due in three days.  I had broken up an argument between the two youngest. Apparently, while eating their French Toast Sticks, Liam “accidently” hit Zacory and Zacory “accidently” fell on top of Liam, almost biting him. Funny, how these “accidents” happen. Driving to school, I listened to to Liam explaining to me, how the trees on a cleared lot were pushed down because of Big Foot. He had seen it on the news!  I asked him where Big Foot was now.  He looked at me like I was from Mars and said “He had to go to work at Walmart!”  From the mouths of babes!  Until tomorrow, make every moment an adventure!

Vacation’s Over at Grammy Debbie’s House!

While I am new to blogging, I am very excited to share the journey that I am on, raising my grandchildren.  While every day is a blessing and adventure, it is also a challenge. I am a 53 year young, widowed, grandmother who has been raising three of my grandsons.  Age’s you ask?  They are 4, 5 and 11.  The 4 year old and 5 year old are brothers.  The 11 year old is a cousin to them.  Needless to say, my house is disruptive, exciting, chaotic, but very loving. I can honesty say that every day is eventful.  Just this morning, we were up at 6, coffee on, dog and cat fed, lunches packed, snacks and homework put in backpacks, boots and jackets on, breakfast eaten and hugs and kisses goodbye.  The 11 year old, TJ, is NOT a morning person. After 5 times telling him to get up, 10 minutes before the bus was to arrive, he finally decided to get dressed, choke down a toast and finish getting ready for school.  10 minutes later, with a hug, kiss and I love you Grammy Debbie, he grabbed his backpack and was out the door. The 5 year old was next,  Zacory loves to play video games.  He has become very good at eating a toast and banana while playing his video game.  I know, he should not be eating while playing the game, but I have to “pick my battles”.  While he is eating his breakfast, I am trying to get the 4 year old who has destructive, defiant disorder, to get dressed.  He is truly a stubborn 4 year old.  Today was his first day in his new pre-school, having been “dismissed” from his previous one.  I felt accomplished this morning, he was dressed in no time!  He was eating his breakfast, while I decided to get myself ready for work.  I am a fulltime Paralegal with a well known title company.  I have my shower and dressing down to about 15 minutes.  I checked to make sure the boys were doing ok, only to discover the 4 year old was completely undressed.  Apparently, he didn’t like the clothes he was wearing.  He wanted to wear his pajamas.  I explained to him that this was his first day in his new school and he should dress nicely.  We somehow agreed on an outfit and he was dressed for a second time.  By now it was time to wait for Zacory’s bus.  I have it down to a science, watching out the bathroom window while blow drying my hair! Throwing on my dress shoes and jacket, out I go to wait for the bus.  Finally, with the bus arriving, Zacory takes his 3 hugs, 2 kisses and boards the bus.  Waiving and blowing kisses from the window, he is off to school.  I turn to Liam, the 4 year old, only to see him splashing through the puddles.  He is upset because he has gotten his boots muddy trying to tie the dog to her chain. In the house we go to change the boots.  He finally, grabs his backpack, small stuffed toy and we head to the car.  While driving to his new school, he decides that he is “sick” and does not want to go. I explain that he needs to go because Grammy Debbie needs to work today.  He says he doesn’t care, he is NOT going to school.  We arrive at his school and he clings to the door.  I am amazed at how strong he is!  After a couple of minutes of tugging and pulling, I manage to carry him screaming to his new school.  Inside we sit and I try to console him.  I try to tell him how much fun he is going to have. How many friends his is going to meet. He puts his head down and screams.  Finally, a teacher has to pull him from me and carry him off. I leave feeling terrible.  I sit in my car, take a deep breath and start my work day.  I’m relieved a little later when I call and find that Liam is doing fine.  The mornings are busy and rushed, even if I try to get things ready the night before. But, when I get my “I love you, Grammy Debbie” and my 3 hugs and 2 kisses and waves goodbye, it really makes it all worthwhile. Until tomorrow… be patient, be kind and smile.